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Board of Directors

The PROMO PAC Board is a group of dedicated individuals from around the state with an interest in electoral outcomes which impact the interest of the LGBTQ+ community. This board presents candidates who have been vetted through a rigorous interview process in order to receive the PROMO PAC endorsement.

Carl Hoagland, St. Louis (Chair)
Denise Lieberman, St. Louis (Treasurer)
Michael Cole, Kansas City (Secretary)
Sean Soendker Nicholson, Kansas City
Kevin Garner, Kansas City (Endorsement Committee Chair)
Brooke Meek, St. Louis (Fundraising Committee Chair)
Phyllis Balcerzak, St. Louis
Catherine Hasler, St. Louis

The PROMO PAC Board seeks additional members dedicated to or interested in electoral politics to join our board. Our board is comprised of two committees (fundraising and endorsements) responsible for assisting with processes and strategies for both.

Questions? Contact the PROMO PAC Board

Paid for by PROMO PAC, Denise Lieberman, Treasurer,
PO Box 300397, St. Louis, MO 63130