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Candidate Survey

PROMO PAC’s endorsement process begins with a candidate survey focused on collecting opinions about the issues most aligned with our mission. We require candidates who have not been elected to hold office to fill out this 2024 PROMO PAC CANDIDATE SURVEY. If you have filled out our survey in the past, we do not need a new one completed. 

After filling out our survey, email it back to Our team will grade the survey and reach out for an interview (conducted virtually or in-person). Our team will take all surveys and interviews back to the PROMO PAC Board as a whole for discussion and approval. The PROMO PAC Board makes recommendations for endorsements to the PROMO Board, which determines official approval. 

Considerations for Endorsement

  • Candidate must meet the criteria of PROMO PAC’s mission, understood in combination of both the survey and interview. 
  • Candidate must be viable and able to run a competitive campaign.
  • Candidate’s prior work or track-record in supporting full LGBTQ+ equality.
  • PROMO PAC does take into consideration whether candidates are openly LGBTQ+ but does not endorse candidates simply because they are LGBTQ+.
  • NOTE: A candidate who is not 100% in support of full LGBTQ+ equality is not eligible for endorsement.

PROMO PAC 2024 Candidate Survey is below (in a fillable PDF). 


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