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Candidate Survey

Candidate surveys are sent to all candidates who file and run for office, and results of the questionnaire will be used in the candidate endorsement process. Other steps in the endorsement process could include a phone or face-to-face interview, review of candidate viability, PROMO PAC Board discussion and approval, and PROMO Board approval.

The PROMO PAC candidate survey for 2022 elections will be posted after candidate filing has completed and the survey is finalized by the PROMO PAC Board. Below, you may download and review our 2020 PROMO PAC candidate survey. 

***PROMO PAC has the ability to make endorsements in any statewide elections. Very rarely, PROMO PAC will make endorsements in municipal elections or primaries, if a candidate meets a list of very specific requirements. PROMO PAC does not endorse in federal races.

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