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Endorsement Process

PROMO PAC endorses viable candidates running for statewide offices and the state legislature who have a proven track record of supporting equal rights and legal protections for LGBTQ Missourians and who are committed to advancing these goals in their capacity as elected officials.

Except in rare circumstances, PROMO PAC does not endorse candidates in local races. PROMO PAC may do so with the goal of supporting the careers of exceptional LGBTQ leaders in our community to build and develop a bench of strong openly LGBTQ leaders and candidates for higher office.

In races for statewide office and the state legislature, PROMO PAC considers endorsement of all candidates — those who are openly LGBTQ and pro-equality allies — who meet our screening and endorsement criteria.

Endorsement Process
After the filing deadline for the election, PROMO PAC publically posts a candidate survey for completion and seeks to inform each registered candidate of the survey as an invitation to participate in the endorsement process.

Endorsement by PROMO PAC requires the completion of a candidate survey and often includes candidate interviews. Candidates who are interested in our endorsement should contact the PROMO PAC board at as early as possible to inform us of your candidacy.

PROMO PAC’s Considerations for Endorsement

  • Candidate must score 100% in support of LGBTQ equality on the candidate survey to be considered for endorsement.
  • Candidate must be viable and able to run a competitive campaign.
  • Candidate’s prior depth of work in support of full LGBTQ equality is a key factor.
  • PROMO PAC does take into consideration whether candidates are openly LGBTQ but does not endorse candidates simply because they are LGBTQ
  • NOTE: A candidate who is not 100% in support of full LGBTQ equality is not eligible for endorsement.

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